[OpenCM] Reconfigure with different releases and baselines

Kreissl, Hans-Ulrich Hans-Ulrich.Kreissl at gedas.de
Tue Jun 3 12:46:01 PDT 2003

I have the following Problem

Having a Baseline with rel1.0
Having a toplevel project which contains severall subprojects

top-v1.0    (Release rel1.0)
  p0-p0.0  (Release p0.0)
  p1-p1.1  (Release p1.1)
  p2-rel1.0 (Release rel1.0)

Deriving a new prep-Integrate Project with Release rel1.1 
Now Reconfigure throws out everything under p0 and p1

What is  the best way to modify the Reconfiguretemplate so that the
subprojects pick up ther correct baseline.
Does any one know what expressions are valid for the Version Matching.

Hans-Ulrich Kreißl 
gedas deutschland GmbH
Alessandro-Volta-Str. 11, D-38440 Wolfsburg
Telefon/phone +49-5361-186-522
Telefax/telefax  +49-5361-186-998
<mailto:Hans-Ulrich.Kreissl at gedas.de>

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