[Marshamoreno] Apologies

Richard Robinson chigorin at gmail.com
Sat Jul 2 15:59:10 PDT 2011

hi all -

My apologies.

This list was meant to help keep those who were really concerned with
Marsha's health and well-being up to date with her status and how any of us
might be able to help. It was also meant as a single email address all could
use and everyone could 'stay on the same page'.

That has been a complicated issue.  Much more has come up perhaps than any
of us anticipated.  Everything has been done, I feel, with the best of
intentions, but there is a certain well-paved road...

So, once again my apologies to all for any undue complications I have
introduced.  That includes subscribing people without their asking based
upon what I thought would meet their desires and not trample on those of
anyone else.

For now, as a remedy going forward, I will turn this into a moderated
list.    All submissions will have to be approved by me and I will attempt
to keep the subjects purely within those bounds.  I will be even more
directly responsible for any gaffes going forward.  It may slow things

I will also unsubscribe everyone for now.  Those who think it is useful can
ask to resubscribe and I will be glad to approve.

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