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The Woody Allen movie, Alice, has a similar scene. I prefer joe's though.


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>         'Is it the smouldering beauty of my purple eyes...' - Joe is
> the most beautiful, charming, intelligent, desirable person in the
> world, all men and women want to be with him.  (originally aired in
> 'The loved one')
>         9:40: Desperate women and men call Joe, plead with him to make
> love to them. (originally aired in 'The loved one')
>         14:00: Milton Schindler tells of his college (University of
> Chicago) friend Bob, now a 'very big physician'.  (This was 1944-5.)
> Bob was in love with Jane, whom Schindler describes as the most
> beautiful woman he has ever seen.  Bob wanted to make love to Jane;
> she demurred.  All 3 go to dinner together, Schindler to second Bob's
> plea.  At his instance, Bob and Jane have an extremely active sex
> life, break up after college.
>         16:20: A woman (accent - French?) tells how tired she is.
>         18:50: Joe asks where she would like to go.  She doesn't
> answer; he offers an idea.
>         21:00: Joe tells of traveling down the Amazon in search of the
> ruins of an ancient Mayan civilization (Mayans didn't live on the
> Amazon.)  The boat capsizes; everyone drowns but Joe.  Natives who had
> never seen a White man before take him.  He shows them his stuff:
> jet-pack, camcorder and projector, satellite TV...  They're so
> impressed they sell the rights to their land to Joe's associates (Joe
> has a satellite phone.).  Timber companies, miners, oil companies,
> turn their land to waste.  They squander their fortune and end up
> worse off.  Joe books a cruise to Mallorca, which is uneventful.
>         25:50: Joe tells of a maid who cleans a house in the suburbs,
> is inhumanly nice; she knows the secrets of the family.  When she
> finds out they're going to replace her, she gets drunk, wreaks havoc,
> leaves.  (In the beginning of the story she commutes by bus from her
> home; later, she has a room above the garage.)  She packs her bag,
> sings jazz in nightclubs.  (originally in 'Emerald isle')
>         31:30: To the sound of a band an MC welcomes us to the Kit Kat
> Club in Duluth and singer Bessie Washington.  (originally in 'Emerald
> isle')
>         32:50: Years later Joe sees her singing at a nightclub; she
> brings tears to people's eyes.  Joe makes love to her later.  (*not*
> in 'Emerald isle' - did Joe add it to 'Lover man' or edit it out of
> 'Emerald isle'?)
>         34:00: Schindler tells a woman a story of his father's death,
> later meets an old baker at the Brooklyn Bagel Factory in Los Angeles
> who knew his father; Schindler laments that he had been embarrassed
> that his father had been a baker.  (In this story Schindler says that
> he had been born in Omaha, moved to New York when he was young, which
> is consistent with Census records.)
>         35:50: A guy tells what his band, Mascara, wore.  He couldn't
> go out without women attacking him.  They kidnap and violate him.  In
> his rescue police kill all the women; he retires from music.
> (originally in 'Words')
>         40:50: Schindler says that suicide is a permanent solution to
> a temporary problem.
>         41:10: Joe appeals to a woman he saw at the Laemmle Theatre in
> Santa Monica at a viewing of 'Breaking the waves' to contact him.* He
> left his umbrella behind; when he went back to retrieve it she had it
> for him.  Joe was barely able to speak, he's so taken with her.  He
> imagines their life together.  Joe wants her to call KCRW, leave her
> name and number.
>         45:00: Joe tells of looking at a Botero (Fernando Botero,
> Colombian artist - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fernando_Botero)
> painting next to a woman - but he can't find anything to say to her.
> Joe wants her to call him at KCRW - or one of the Japanese schoolgirls
> who were also there.
>         46:30: Joe's in Petco, falls in love with an outdoorsy woman,
> imagines their life together, wants her to call.
>         49:20: Schindler says he didn't sleep with any woman who
> didn't want to marry him, not even his eventual wife.  After 18 years
> of happy ('fairy-tale') marriage Lou, his boss, sends him a girl as a
> reward for what he did for the company.  After that he hires girls
> every time he's out of town; the woman to whom he's speaking asks if
> he ever told his wife ('Joanie'); he says he didn't.
>         52:20: Two people (a man and a woman, I think) with distorted
> voices tell each other how sick of each other they are.  (originally
> in 'Words')
>         57:10: Milton Schindler*** gets a trip to Hawaii from the
> company, takes a tour, sees a pineapple canning factory, sees that the
> factory puts the same pineapples into every brand.  A week later he's
> shopping at Gelson's (an expensive grocery store in Los Angeles) where
> he buys the Dole (the most expensive brand).**
> http://jfwiki.org/index.php?title=Lover_Man
>         * I saw <i>Breaking the waves</i> at Laemmle's 4-plex in Santa
> Monica; perhaps it was a different showing.  Carl Laemmle was the
> founder of Universal Studios.  A chain of movie theatres in southern
> California bear his name.
>         ** I've been to Gelson's; I don't know that they carry the
> discount brand of anything.  When I lived in Pasadena (early '70s),
> for a few years I lived a block away from Pasadena's Gelson's.  I
> almost never saw a car in the parking lot.  They delivered, possibly
> the only grocery store in Pasadena that did then.  Most of their
> business may have been delivery to the wealthy people.
>         *** Schindler sounds like a braggart to me; I don't
> automatically credit anything he says.
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