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	'Is it the smouldering beauty of my purple eyes...' - Joe is
the most beautiful, charming, intelligent, desirable person in the
world, all men and women want to be with him.  (originally aired in
'The loved one')

	9:40: Desperate women and men call Joe, plead with him to make
love to them. (originally aired in 'The loved one')

	14:00: Milton Schindler tells of his college (University of
Chicago) friend Bob, now a 'very big physician'.  (This was 1944-5.)
Bob was in love with Jane, whom Schindler describes as the most
beautiful woman he has ever seen.  Bob wanted to make love to Jane;
she demurred.  All 3 go to dinner together, Schindler to second Bob's
plea.  At his instance, Bob and Jane have an extremely active sex
life, break up after college.

	16:20: A woman (accent - French?) tells how tired she is.

	18:50: Joe asks where she would like to go.  She doesn't
answer; he offers an idea.

	21:00: Joe tells of traveling down the Amazon in search of the
ruins of an ancient Mayan civilization (Mayans didn't live on the
Amazon.)  The boat capsizes; everyone drowns but Joe.  Natives who had
never seen a White man before take him.  He shows them his stuff:
jet-pack, camcorder and projector, satellite TV...  They're so
impressed they sell the rights to their land to Joe's associates (Joe
has a satellite phone.).  Timber companies, miners, oil companies,
turn their land to waste.  They squander their fortune and end up
worse off.  Joe books a cruise to Mallorca, which is uneventful.

	25:50: Joe tells of a maid who cleans a house in the suburbs,
is inhumanly nice; she knows the secrets of the family.  When she
finds out they're going to replace her, she gets drunk, wreaks havoc,
leaves.  (In the beginning of the story she commutes by bus from her
home; later, she has a room above the garage.)  She packs her bag,
sings jazz in nightclubs.  (originally in 'Emerald isle')

	31:30: To the sound of a band an MC welcomes us to the Kit Kat
Club in Duluth and singer Bessie Washington.  (originally in 'Emerald

	32:50: Years later Joe sees her singing at a nightclub; she
brings tears to people's eyes.  Joe makes love to her later.  (*not*
in 'Emerald isle' - did Joe add it to 'Lover man' or edit it out of
'Emerald isle'?)

	34:00: Schindler tells a woman a story of his father's death,
later meets an old baker at the Brooklyn Bagel Factory in Los Angeles
who knew his father; Schindler laments that he had been embarrassed
that his father had been a baker.  (In this story Schindler says that
he had been born in Omaha, moved to New York when he was young, which
is consistent with Census records.)

	35:50: A guy tells what his band, Mascara, wore.  He couldn't
go out without women attacking him.  They kidnap and violate him.  In
his rescue police kill all the women; he retires from music.
(originally in 'Words')

	40:50: Schindler says that suicide is a permanent solution to
a temporary problem.

	41:10: Joe appeals to a woman he saw at the Laemmle Theatre in
Santa Monica at a viewing of 'Breaking the waves' to contact him.* He
left his umbrella behind; when he went back to retrieve it she had it
for him.  Joe was barely able to speak, he's so taken with her.  He
imagines their life together.  Joe wants her to call KCRW, leave her
name and number.

	45:00: Joe tells of looking at a Botero (Fernando Botero,
Colombian artist - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fernando_Botero)
painting next to a woman - but he can't find anything to say to her.
Joe wants her to call him at KCRW - or one of the Japanese schoolgirls
who were also there.

	46:30: Joe's in Petco, falls in love with an outdoorsy woman,
imagines their life together, wants her to call.

	49:20: Schindler says he didn't sleep with any woman who
didn't want to marry him, not even his eventual wife.  After 18 years
of happy ('fairy-tale') marriage Lou, his boss, sends him a girl as a
reward for what he did for the company.  After that he hires girls
every time he's out of town; the woman to whom he's speaking asks if
he ever told his wife ('Joanie'); he says he didn't.

	52:20: Two people (a man and a woman, I think) with distorted
voices tell each other how sick of each other they are.  (originally
in 'Words')

	57:10: Milton Schindler*** gets a trip to Hawaii from the
company, takes a tour, sees a pineapple canning factory, sees that the
factory puts the same pineapples into every brand.  A week later he's
shopping at Gelson's (an expensive grocery store in Los Angeles) where
he buys the Dole (the most expensive brand).**


	* I saw <i>Breaking the waves</i> at Laemmle's 4-plex in Santa
Monica; perhaps it was a different showing.  Carl Laemmle was the
founder of Universal Studios.  A chain of movie theatres in southern
California bear his name.

	** I've been to Gelson's; I don't know that they carry the
discount brand of anything.  When I lived in Pasadena (early '70s),
for a few years I lived a block away from Pasadena's Gelson's.  I
almost never saw a car in the parking lot.  They delivered, possibly
the only grocery store in Pasadena that did then.  Most of their
business may have been delivery to the wealthy people.

	*** Schindler sounds like a braggart to me; I don't
automatically credit anything he says.

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