[joe-frank-list] 'Night'; Marble Creek; Van Nuys airport

Stephen E. Bacher sebmb1 at verizon.net
Thu Jul 22 10:31:14 PDT 2021

> 	Quoth Stephen E. Bacher:
> 	'I have recordings of Night Part 1 and Night Part 2 (though
> there is a chunk missing from my copy of Night Part 2).  The "Jesus'
> blood never failed me yet" bit is in Night Part 2.'
> 	Thanks.  How long is part 1?  How does it end?  What are the
> last words spoken?  Can you think of anything in it that isn't in
> 'Night'?

Part 1 (like Part 2) is an hour long, originally broadcast on "Work in Progress."  I expect Russell to provide more
details about the content presently.

 - seb

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