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Thu Jul 22 04:26:02 PDT 2021

	Quoth Stephen E. Bacher:

	'I have recordings of Night Part 1 and Night Part 2 (though
there is a chunk missing from my copy of Night Part 2).  The "Jesus'
blood never failed me yet" bit is in Night Part 2.'
	Thanks.  How long is part 1?  How does it end?  What are the
last words spoken?  Can you think of anything in it that isn't in

	A friend who lives in the area wrote, 'I know of plenty of
nice hikes in and around Malibu, but I don't know of any Marble Creek
in SoCal.'  'Malibu Creek -- might that be what you're looking for?'
	Could be: it floods, burns, shakes, suffers from ocean storms,
and has many of the same letters in it as does 'Marble'.  The other
canyons in the area: Topanga, Temescal, also do.  Malibu Beach Inn and
Malibu Country Inn don't match Joe's description of the Marble Inn.

	I mentioned Van Nuys Airport in my synopsis of 'Night'.  I
have heard that it is the busiest general aviation airport in the US.
Its website reads, 'ranks as one of the world's busiest general
aviation airports'
(https://www.iflyvny.com/news-and-facts/general-description).  Joe
mentioned the CEO of Western Airlines flying in to make a deal for a
loan to save it from bankruptcy on the tarmac, then flying out -
that's the kind of traffic I read happens at Van Nuys.  There's no
airline traffic, thus private pilots don't have to defer to them as
they would at Hollywood Burbank.

russell bell

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