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	'Black Coffee' (Patricia Kaas) begins and plays under much of
the first few minutes and often in the rest of the show.

	0:30: Joe felt bad, worried about his heart, went to see Dr
Hess (sp?) (the German-ish accent makes me think Tim Jerome, but I'm
not sure).  Dr Hess puts his stethoscope on Joe's chest, has a heart
attack himself; an ambulance takes him to the ED.  Dr Hess ends up in
the ICU, his nurse under sedation.

	2:10: Joe goes home; someone else is there; he disputes Joe's
ownership, slams the door on him.

	3:20: A parody Indian guru says death begins as a
misunderstanding, 'explains' further.

	4:30: Joe interviews Dick (Arthur Miller) & Jane (Irene
Wagner?  Avery Hart?), a couple who make 'Love' movies (don't call it
porn!).  They air 3 minutes of their latest, 'The moving instant'; we
hear sounds of passion, a melodramatic Muzak version of 'Moon River'.

	8:40: Joe opens the flap of Gindu's (sp?) tent, says he's in
Nirvana, 'the nexus where love meets death'.  A guy pounds stakes into
the ground, he hears wild animals.  Joe goes to the beach where clowns
do flips.  An explosion blows the clowns up.

	10: We're back in the 'love' movie: sounds of passion.  Dick &
Jane lament they don't have enough time.

	11:10: Joe says it seems like an ordinary pornographic film.
They explain why it's better.

	12:40: Joe's in the YMCA on East 14th Street.  It's 2 AM; Joe
can't sleep: the straw in his mattress needs changing.  Joe asks what
our nature is, cites Steinfeld's 'Theory of chaos', page 54.  Then a
fellow with a German-ish accent (Tim Jerome?) talks philosophical

	13:50: 'Sentimental Walk' (Vladimir Cosma) from the soundtrack
of 'Diva'; Cosma cribbed this music from Satie's 'Trois Gnossiennes'.

	14:10: A woman tells about being with her (beautiful) best
friend at the grocery store.  A fellow and his wife invite them to
dinner at their house.  They end up having an orgy, I think.

	18:30: Joe's on the crowded Bosnian express (a train).
Workmen play cards; a drunk at the bar tells everybody that they're
stupid.  Arthur Miller is a passenger who buys and sells animals.  The
conductor comes in, asking for passports; Joe doesn't have his but the
conductor passes him by.  Joe remembers his summers in Bosnia.  A
boatman, offering Joe a ride across the river, can't start his boat's

	23:40: Joe has a dream: his body has been split down the
middle; a doctor with forceps pulls out pieces of bone and pottery.

	24:30: The parody Indian guru is back, talking about how great
Nirvana is (they leave a mint on your pillow!).

	25:40: A man (Tim Jerome, his Spanish/French accent) complains
to a woman.  He's responsible for burying the clowns, lacks what he
needs to do the job.

	26:40: On the beach in Nirvana Joe awaits Dick & Jane, who
have promised him a part in their next movie.  Someone left a baby by
the water.  Joe says he's been dreaming all his life, that this is the
end of his dream.

	27:20: 'The dawn' (DJ Food)

	Year: 1983

	Cast: (Some, but not all of) Tim Jerome, Arthur Miller,
Barbara Sohmers, Clark Gordon, Robin Goodman, Larry Block, Paul
Mantell, Avery Hart, Annalee Jeffries, and Joe Frank

        Music: 'Black Coffee' (Patricia Kaas); 'Sentimental Walk'
(Vladimir Cosma); 'The dawn' (DJ Food)

	joefrank.com packages 'The end' with 'Pilot' as 'Pilot :: The
End' and notes 'This hour-long show re-aired for The Other Side was
originally produced as two half-hour programs.  Part 1 was called The
End; Part 2 was called Pilot.'  'The end' ends with the music that
begins 'Pilot'.  Every time I have heard it on the radio 'Pilot' has
come first.

russell bell

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