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	'The Dawn', from 'Jazz Brakes, volume 5'

	1:00: Skylar (Tim Jerome) was diving in the Yucatan when he
had a terrible toothache.  The local dentist had gone out of business,
so Skylar decided to become a pilot.

	3:10: An old man (Clark Gordon?) complains that the revolution
has ruined everything; his wife, Eleanor (Barbara Sohmers?), agrees
with him.  Skylar joins the discussion, then another man (Arthur

	5:10: Eleanor tells Skylar that he has a passion for
destruction, that he enjoys bombing people.

	5:40: They listen to a report of a bombing on the radio.  A
reporter on the scene consults an expert (Arthur Miller) who explains
that that isn't blood, but the natives spread pomegranate juice and
see how far they can slide.  Then he explains the native ceremony
enacted in song and dance that celebrates a stranger who has the power
of flight.  The head concubine tries to get him to teach her the
secret of flight; he demurs.

	12:30: The old man begins talking, then babbles, to Skylar.
He takes out a map; they discuss the weather, apparently planning a
bombing raid.

	14:20: The radio reporter describes the aftermath of the
attack on the village.  The old man, Eleanor, and (Arthur Miller)
reminisce about their old croquet games.  The old man asks Skylar
where he came from; Skylar demurs.

	17: Eleanor asks Skylar why he sleeps on the floor.  They
talk; Eleanor flirts.  Eleanor observes that he's been here for months
and done nothing but tinker with his airplane and go on bombing runs.
Skylar asks why she isn't concerned with her larger interests.  She
tickles him; he breaks down and sobs.  Eleanor tells him he's weak.

	21:20: The head concubine figures out that the flying man
won't teach her to fly, so she curses him to fly all the time, never
land.  The king's wise men predict the flying man will return, lay
them waste.

	24:10: Skylar tells of his mother bringing men home, telling
her children to call them father.

	24:50: Marcia tells Skylar (as a child) to play a game: she
lies down, tells Skylar to do what he wants, so Skylar buries her.

	25:30: Skylar tells of when he was bad so his mother punished
him, threw him against the wall.  Skylar vowed never to be bad again.

	Year: 1983
	Cast: Barbara Sohmers, Clark Gordon, Arthur Miller, Tim
Jerome, Paul Mantell

	Music: 'The Dawn', from 'Jazz Brakes, volume 5'.  As Rob
Stanzel astutely pointed out, this album was released in 1994, 'Pilot'
in 1983.  The album is a collection of instrumental pieces for DJs to
use ('brakes' may be a joke for 'breaks'), not a band recording
itself, thus this music was probably available in 1983 in a different
form, especially to professionals.

russell bell

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