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Related: I freaking *love *this show. Phillip saying "Goodnight, Doris" is
one of the funniest things ever.

On Wed, Jan 27, 2021 at 10:45 AM Sean Kelly <seaniekaye at gmail.com> wrote:

> Thanks Russell Bell!
> My 1980's cassette of Til You're Gone reveals that the Thomas Newman music
> was added later. Joe's monologues are unaccompanied in the original. I
> prefer the original, it makes that section about going back home anxious
> and claustrophobic.
> On Wed, Jan 27, 2021 at 10:31 AM <russellbell at gmail.com> wrote:
>>         Actors read singles' ads; could be actual ads.
>>         1:40: (Jazz music) Joe tells of training for the Olympic
>> decathlon, how strong he is.
>>         2:50: (Disco music) He tries to study, but can't, goes to a
>> club.  He meets the Georgette the former head cheerleader.  They
>> dance, go to the beach, make love.  A few weeks later Joe gets
>> terribly sick with a venereal disease.
>>         7: Doris and Philip are on the beach; he ogles a girl, she
>> reacts jealously.
>>         8:30: Actors read more singles' ads.
>>         9:50: Joe addresses a large audience in a stadium, tells them
>> about perfect love, apparently how to achieve it.
>>         13:10: (Oompah band music) At a restaurant a guy (sounds like
>> Arthur Miller) says that Freud was affected by what he ate.  A number
>> of different actors talk about German/Austrian food and the ancient
>> Teutons.
>>         15: Another couple (Doris & Philip?) at a restaurant talk
>> about what to eat; they come onto each other, then get into an
>> argument about what he has on his chin.
>>         16:40: ''Til you're gone'
>>         17:40: Joe's riding on a train; the stops sound like a train
>> north of NYC, ending up in Newburgh.  He's back in the town he grew up
>> in, goes to his mother's home; she berates him for not having written,
>> but it turns out to be the wrong address.
>>         21:20: Joe's in battle, sounds like WW1 - a brigade of women
>> in bathrobes attacks.  He knocks one into a washing machine, which
>> kills her.
>>         23:20: Joe's at his mother's home, gets into an argument about
>> his getting a job, not believing in God.
>>         25:30: ''Til you're gone'
>>         26: Doris and Philip are happy with their day; she's romantic,
>> he fears he can't perform, which frustrates her.  They can't agree.
>>         30:30: ''Til you're gone'
>>         30:50: Actors read more singles' ads.
>>         31:50: A guy (Arthur Miller?) talks about getting in touch
>> with feelings, how the failure to do that causes so much of the
>> problems of modern society.  Others join in the discussion: it's the
>> consciousness-lowering group.  (originally aired in 'Arena' - or is
>> it the other way around?  They're both 1979.)
>>         37:30: Joe recounts falling in love with pianos.  (The first
>> piano was a the 'hungry i' in Chicago, Joe says; the 'hungry i' was in
>> San Francisco.  It was a *great* club!
>> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hungry_i) He fell hardest for a piano in
>> Palm Beach, slept in her.  Later he makes millions on the stock
>> market, goes back for it, promises to save her, love her eternally.
>> 'A kiss is just a kiss' accompanies the end.
>>         43:20: An announcer reading a news story recounts how
>> high-ranking Nazis escape after WW2, some to South America, some
>> convert to Judaism, even becoming rabbis, some to Roman Catholicism.
>> (Tchaikowsky's Symphony 6)
>>         45:50: Joe asks if she remembers a train ride into the
>> mountains (some are Austrian Alps); they collect the stuff people on a
>> train riding to a concentration camp, keep as souvenirs.  They're
>> about to make love when Joe protests he was merely a minor
>> functionary.
>>         48:30: Actors read more singles' ads.
>>         50:10: The consciousness-lowering group talks about the
>> difficulties of relationships, critically evaluate Doris & Philip's
>> relationship, the story of Joe returning home.
>>         54:50: ''Til you're gone'
>>         Year: 1979
>>         Cast: Arthur Miller, Robin Bartlette, Tim Jerome, Bernie
>> Mantell, Irene Wagner, Eric Sears, Rosemary Foley, David St. James,
>> Marcel Rosenblatt, Joe Frank
>>         Music: This episode has a theme song, ''Til you're gone',
>> performed by Arthur Miller (according to the 'NPR playhouse'
>> announcer), accompanied by harmonica and guitar.  It sounds like a
>> real country song.  I excerpted it from the show, have it on my
>> playlist.
>>         The peaceful piano at 1120 and 3901 seconds (elsewhere?) comes
>> from Thomas Newman's score for 'Little women' (1995), the 'Valley of
>> the shadow' scene.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5KLL4i9QWI How
>> did Joe get music composed in 1995 in a show in 1979?  He was a
>> genius!  Or Newman re-used music he wrote earlier, either for another
>> film or a 'serious' piece of music.  Maybe Joe composed it in the
>> first place and Newman plagiarized him!
>> https://drive.google.com/file/d/145IWqFbSMLfYakatpGujibbXcx73Tpd6/view?usp=sharing
>> is the clip from Joe's show.
>>         An excerpt of the 'Casablanca' score, based on 'A kiss is just
>> a kiss', accompanies the 'falling in love with a piano' segment.
>>         An excerpt from the third movement of Tchaikowsky's Symphony 6
>> accompanies the escaped Nazis segment.
>>         I haven't identified the other music.
>> russell bell
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