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	Joe wonders whether free will exists, cites the opinions of
Determinists first, then Existentialists (Jean-Paul Sartre).  Because
we pursue love, we may behave inauthentically to obtain it.
	6:10: A WBAI panel talks to callers - sounds like the same
stuff in 'Jewish blues'.  A guy says there was a glut of computer
programmers created in the '50s and '60s, then discusses computer
crime.  The caller paid for a course but instead of a job has an
$1,800 debt.  A second caller says we've misdiagnosed our problems.
	9:30: Joe talks about the significance of the unconscious; a
friend with a bum foot had it cured when his analyst attributed it to
guilt over his father's death; then the analyst confessed to the
murder and killed himself.  Later, riding a train, he decides that he
can choose different points of view.
	12:10: A fellow with a Spanish accent talks about the abuses
of the Arbenz (sp?) regime of Gaboon (sp?).  Others (another?)
dispute(s?) the charges.
	Jacobo Árbenz was Guatemala's president 1951-4, deposed in a
coup ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jacobo_%C3%81rbenz ).  I think
they used the name unintentionally.
	18:10: Joe says we fall in love with people who have qualities
we lack, which qualities make us unhappy with them eventually.
	19: Joe says Hegel wrote that our ideas are shaped by the time
they are formed, which makes them invalid.
	20:10: Joe, a cab driver out in the country, sees a VW
destroyed by a collision with a tree, finds the driver, shocked but
uninjured, trying to peel the registration sticker off, sees this as
how we live: our lives are wreckage and concentrating on insignificant
	22: A guy tells Joe that what most people believe is untrue,
says that there's no point in arguing.  Then a woman says we're
ignoring something terrifically basic.

	Year: 1983
	Cast: joefrank.com lists Joe Frank, Mark Hammer, Tim Jerome
	WFMU's notes list: Tim Jerome, Mark Hammer, Arthur Miller, Paul Mantell, Eric
Sears, Irene Wagner & Joe Frank
	Perhaps WFMU's includes the WBAI panel and the people in the
last segment.

	Music: 'Are You Going With Me?', Pat Metheny, beginning at 12

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