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	A guy tries to avoid the draft by claiming he took LSD.

	3:20: Joe tells of someone serving in Vietnam in Army

	15:40: A fellow remembers covering the big anti-war Mayday
demonstration in DC.  (Must have been 1971
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1971_May_Day_protests - I was there.)  A
woman threw them her key so they (he and his photographer) could
escape a police sweep.  She and the photographer end up balling.

	20:20: Joe tells of 2 radical co-eds at Berkeley who
participate in all sorts of protest movements, anticipate a coming
revolution.  They stage a bank robbery to demonstrate the weakness of
'the system'.  They kill a guard, go on the lam.  They go to a small
Oregon town where they live as 'lower-middle-class average American
women' and suppress their political opinions, then move to a city,
then a farmhouse.  They become lovers.  They move between small towns
every few months.

	29:40: A fellow says most people's pain results from
self-absorption.  When politics was important to him and the war was
raging; he imagined confronting Mendel Rivers, chairman of the House
armed services committee
(https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/L._Mendel_Rivers) .  He sees Rivers
on a flight, talking with his daughter, felt his humanity, left him
alone.  Rivers died in 1970, so this had to have preceded the 1971

	32:30: Joe tells story of fellow meeting a girl in a deli then
visiting her.  She has a room-mate who makes plaster sculptures of
bagels and cream cheese.  She repeatedly flirts then withdraws; he
doesn't believe the stories she tells.

	44:20: Joe's a night watchman.  He invites the boss for
dinner, poisons him, gets his job; the new night watchman poisons him
at dinner.  Joe re-uses the sounds of the business in 'Black light'.

	The cast as listed on joefrank.com (and elsewhere) is: Joe
Frank, Mark Hammer, F. Murray Abraham, Barbara Sohmers, Christina
Moore, Tim Jerome, Arthur Miller & Jane Hunt.
	The only women's voices are people working at the night
watchman's business.  I think the same actor speaks the first and
third segment, perhaps the fifth.  Mark Hammer lived in Washington at
the time of the action.  I don't hear Tim Jerome or Arthur Miller in
them; I don't know F. Murray Abraham's voice well enough to guess.
Some of the men were probably anonymous voices in the night watchman

	'Ceres motion', Mother Mallard's Portable Masterpiece Company,
the Vietnam war segment.

	Philip Glass's "Part One" from "Music In Twelve Parts", the
girl in the deli segment.

	Mantovani's 'I Will Wait For You' is the background music for
the 2 dinner scenes in the night watchman segment; Steve Reich's
'Music for Eighteen Musicians' for other portions of this segment.

russell bell

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