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Sun Jan 10 07:34:17 PST 2021

	Quoth Robert of San Jose:

	'It's rather clear that he was the Tarot card reader in
"Hotline."  He used to do that for a living and a good friend of his
confirms this.'
	Confirms that he was the guy in 'Hotline'?  I'm no expert, but
the voices sound different, and it's more than the few minutes of the
other segments attributed to him; the callers sound like actors to me.

	'He might not have been credited due to legal liability.'
	I cited that as evidence, not proof; the contents of
joefrank.com have omissions.  I doubt legal liability was an issue.

	'"joefrank.com lists him as the crazy preacher on a couple of
the shows," that is the attribution that could be open to
	The voice and style sound similar, but I'm no expert.

	'The contribution of David Franks and his relationship to Joe
Frank remain a mystery that calls out for a lot more research.'
	All contributions welcome!  Franks must have friends in
Baltimore.  The hospital in 'Emergency room' is in Baltimore; one of
the speakers in 'Streetwise' is in Baltimore; one of the Joe Franks in
'Joe Frank's America' is in Baltimore; Larry mentions doing a play in
Baltimore in 1982 in 'Karma for dollars'.  I've heard that it's hard
just to live there.

russell bell

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