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It's rather clear that he was the Tarot card reader in Hotline. He used to do that for a living and a good friend of his confirms this. He might not have been credited due to legal liability. 
But even though joefrank.com lists him as the crazy preacher on a couple of the shows, that is the attribution that could be open to question. Joe may have received a copy of the tape from him but that might have been the extent of his involvement. 
The contribution of David Franks and his relationship to Joe Frank remain a mystery that calls out for a lot more research.
RobertSan Jose

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    David Franks is the crazy preacher leading that unfortunate
woman (man?) on a crazy prayer in 'A natural disaster' (re-used in
'Prayer' and 'Holy land') and the guy who deals in mysticism in 'Bible
stories' (re-used in 'Dreamland: a compilation').

    He was a crazy character in real life.  The 'Baltimore Sun'
published this obituary

    Andrei Codrescu eulogized him on 'All things considered'

    A friend eulogized him in 

    When 'Hearing voices' included one of his calls in an episode,
https://hearingvoices.com/2008/12/hv040-spirit-world/ , host Barrett
Golding explained:

    'Larry Massett, the narrator, gave the tape to Joe (they're
old friends) a long time ago.  Larry got the tape from poet Andrei
Codrescu, who got the tape from someone else, and that's where the
provenance ends.'

    The page has a discussion; some objected to the call.  One
wrote that Franks was the Tarot card reader (must have been
'Hotline'); it sounds like his style but not his voice; joefrank.com
doesn't list him in the cast.

russell bell
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