[joe-frank-list] Newly-discovered show, 'White Elephants'

russellbell at gmail.com russellbell at gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 05:28:01 PDT 2020

        joefrank.com has published a newly-discovered show, 'White
Elephants', from 1980.

        Quoth https://www.joefrank.com/shop/white-elephants/ :

        'Newly discovered in 2020: Brand new show!  The first eight
minutes is the original first draft of the opening of "A Landing Strip
in the Jungle" where Joe describes his experience in Sri Lanka with
Ali, his tour guide.  The rest is not in any other program: Beggars
and their tactics.  Disparate stories of people Joe meets: a beggar
originally from Denmark who complains about how Dutch are treated in
Sri Lanka, a teacher of Marxism who becomes a guru's disciple.  The
"Tooth Festival" named after the Temple of the Tooth in which a chest
held one of Buddha's teeth.'

russell bell

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