[joe-frank-list] Jennifer Ferro says Joe made everything up

russellbell at gmail.com russellbell at gmail.com
Thu Sep 24 04:49:28 PDT 2020

        On KCRW's 'Press Play' after Joe's death, KCRW general manager
Jennifer Ferro, long-time Joe collaborator (Joe acknowledged her help
on some of his shows), said of Joe, 'Everything he did was made up'
        The audio download is the whole show; the portion discussing
Joe starts about 27 minutes in.  Ms Ferro's comment happens 30 minutes
	I report this because she said it, not because I think she's

	About 10 minutes later Ira Glass, asked if he thinks of what
Joe would do when he's making an episode of 'This American Life', says
that he never thinks of that.  A few minutes later he mentions that he
hadn't listened to Joe's KCRW show in years.

russell bell

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