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Wed Sep 16 05:19:55 PDT 2020

	The penultimate segment of 'Terminal' is a woman on the phone
with Joe, calling about Larry, who has shown up in her house and wants
to stay.  (The ultimate segment is Jack Kornfeld telling the story of
an American shaman who communes with a bristlecone pine.)  I don't
recognize the voice from any other show.  The NPR-released version,
which has credits read by an announcer, lists 'Sharon O'Connell' as
one of the actors.  I find no mention of that name in the docs I have.
'Sharon' (no last name) is one of the cast members of 'Rent-a-family'.
IMDB has a Sharon O'Connell, who could be the same person, but seems a
little too young.

russell bell

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