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>    'In 'Karma 6' (reused in 'Endings') Larry Block told of
> playing 1 of the 2 leads in the 'Shakespeare in the park' staging of
> 'Comedy of errors' in the early '70s.  In 1975 he did
> http://www.iobdb.com/Production/2690 . Michael Tucker was the other
> lead; Ted Danson, Blair Brown, Danny DeVito, Linda Lavin, and Roxanne
> Hart were also in the cast.
>    http://www.iobdb.com/CreditableEntity/3461 is Larry's listings
> in the off-Broadway database.
>    Remember David Rapkin's comment in 'Margarita' that 'if you
> think Larry Block and your mind is given towards archetypes Larry
> morphs into Danny DeVito pretty quickly.'?

It’s interesting tracing Joe’s shows down to real life. Some of the stuff seems very real. Other things obviously concocted, then there’s a lot in the middle. 

I think the holy grail of this is Kate herself. Was she even real? Based loosely on a woman a friend of Joe’s was having a relationship with? A total fabrication? I think Joe took the answer with him. 

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