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Wed Oct 21 06:48:39 PDT 2020

	Ms Renick is credited in 'Lines, 'Performer', and 'Great
lives'.  She was an announcer and substitute DJ at KCRW in the '90s
(perhaps other years too; I lived in Santa Monica only in the '90s).
When she introduced 'Le Show' Harry Shearer would give her an outro,
'Julie, ladies and gentleman'.  Once, when the show she touted before
the intro made it appropriate, Harry suggested she had a crush on him,
then gainsaid it.
	I mention this because she doesn't seem to be at KCRW anymore
and a search of the Internet turns up people I can't imagine are her.
	I don't recognize her voice in any of Joe's shows; she may
have assisted in production.  I thought she had a cool, fm-radio-sexy

russell bell

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