[joe-frank-list] The center for clinical proficiency at which Larry worked in 'Hitman'

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Mon Oct 19 07:22:49 PDT 2020

	Quoth Sean Kelly <seaniekaye at gmail.com>:

	'Looks like it's still a going concern:

	Center for clinical competence, not proficiency, but certainly
what Larry meant.  I didn't look hard enough.

	'Hitman' starts off with Joe playing a hitman, Larry playing
Lex, his boss, who assigns him to kill colleague Raymond, who wants to
get out of the business.  Then Larry starts talking about the job at
Morchand ($18/hour!), comments along the way that he's not playing Lex
anymore, just talking about his life.  This may be the first time Joe
used Larry talking about his life rather than playing a character.


russell bell

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