[joe-frank-list] Joe's 'gay cousin'

russellbell at gmail.com russellbell at gmail.com
Fri Oct 2 04:07:02 PDT 2020

        In 'Karma Part 5' Joe tells of a 'gay cousin' who moved to
California to charm 2 wealthy older women, inheriting their money.
Joe's uncle Ben had only daughters, but his aunt Sonia Spiegel (neé
Batschewa Passweg, Joe's mother's older sister) had a son, Michael,
born in 1935.  He ended up in Oregon.
        By curious coincidence there is another Michael Spiegel, born
on the exact same day, 1935 June 11, but in New York to different
        Joe could have referred to a grandson of Ben & Frieda Passweg
(if they had any; I don't know), who would have been a first cousin
once removed.

russell bell

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