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Thu Oct 1 09:05:20 PDT 2020

        Joe's birth father, Meyer Langerman (né Meier Langermann),
established the Langerman Shoe Company in the US.  (He had been a shoe
manufacturer in Europe.)  A search of Google turned up this mention
in Ellen Oppenheimer's memoir, 'Flight to Freedom':

        'During the Shiva someone had told her about a job at a shoe
factory in Brooklyn where she would be able to earn more money than
doing housework by doing piece work; also the hours would be more
regular.  She asked the person about it who made a phone call and was
told to have Grete report to the factory in Brooklyn.  On Tuesday
morning, February 23rd, at 6:00 a.m., she took the long (2 hours)
subway ride to Brooklyn.  She had a piece of paper in her hand with
printed directions on how to get there.  First she took the AA train
to 145th Street, changed to the A train to 14th Street, to the
Canarsie line to Lorimer Street and walked the three blocks, to start
her job at Langerman Shoe Corporation, weaving the upper part of
ladies' summer sandals.  It was piece work and the more you did, the
more you got paid.  She worked long and hard hours, now facing a
future that she had never imagined, but when at the end of the week
she got.'

russell bell

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