[joe-frank-list] 'When she's asleep she looks like an angel'

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	Joe sees a psychiatrist who specializes in children, her only
adult patient.  Her husband teaches Jewish history.  He dies; Joe
attends his funeral.  23rd psalm in background.  Joe becomes obsessed
with his corpse, won't talk about it in therapy, takes a diplomatic
post in Africa.
	Joe tells a somewhat-different version of this story in 'No
	9: A little girl (his daughter?) dotes on Joe - 'Sometimes
when I'm stretched out on the sofa she'll climb up on top of me and
fall asleep on my chest...  When she's asleep she looks like an
	11: On California Highway 1, on a cliff above the water, an
unemployed carpenter and his girlfriend, Carla, a forensic serologist
in the medical examiner's office, find an abandoned handbag.  They
drive to the nearest place with a phone, a restaurant, call the cops,
wait for them to arrive.
	28:  23rd psalm in background.
	29: The little girl again - 'She likes me to make up stories,
sitting before the piano...'
	30: 'Yesterday a woman called...' who wants a lawyer.  Joe
can't help.  She wants him to call back.  She wants him to tell her a
number that was special to her.  Joe thinks about that.  We hear him
talking to himself, saying numbers.
	33: When he was a boy, falling asleep, Joe tortured himself
with fantasies of making awful decisions.
	35: Living in a fancy building as a boy, Pat, one of the
staff, was caught having snuck into their apartment, was fired.
	37: Interview on public television with Holocaust survivor.
	38: Joe's friend George who has trouble crying.
	42: Marshall gets drunk at Caroline's Christmas party, laments
the deaths of trees.
	43: Joe picks up a hitchhiker in Montana who tells him of
40-foot tall Jesus.
	44: Joe wanders a corridor at a college, overhears a graduate
assistant lecturing about limits of human intelligence.
	45: Joe drives one night on route 5, stops at a gas station,
hears people clapping and singing, then a preacher.  The station
attendant is the same person lecturing in the segment above.  Joe
attacks him.
	47:  23rd psalm in background.
	48: The little girl again - 'Every Thursday evening I take her
on my rounds.  We drive to the homes of families I've photographed...'
Joe brings lovers home, takes their pictures.
	51:  Joe says more numbers.

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