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	Joe tells of a Thanksgiving dinner in which he eats too much.
	6:00: Joe wonders how many people think about the origins of
Thanksgiving, imagines Pilgrims.
	8:00: Arthur Miller tells of being on a raft trying to paddle
up the Zhang (sp?) river, but they can't out-row the current, so they
drift downstream.  They see the Holy Man of Bei-lin (sp?).  They
misunderstand the weird noises he makes, think he's gone mad; Arthur
later concludes that he was mirroring their confusion.
	11:30: Joe talks about the idea of the pilgrim, that the
journey, not the destination, is the true meaning of a pilgrimage.
	14:30: Arthur Miller opines that pilgrimage is a search for a
home, tells of a journey from Paranaguá to Curitiba (both in the
Paraná state of Brazil), stopping in a chapel along the way, has a
metaphysical experience, falls asleep, is robbed and dumped in the
	19:10:  Bill Nelson's 'The spirit cannot fail you'.
	20:50: Wandering the streets of Soho, Joe falls in love with a
1953 Buick Century 4-holer convertible.  Though it's worth only a few
hundred, he pays the owner (Grace Zabriskie?) $15,000 for it (she's
suspicious of his motives), having sold all his stuff and borrowed
from friends and family.  He drives west.
	27:10: At a Philips 66 service center Joe stops for a tuna
melt, falls in love with his waitress (Helen Wilson?), tries to get
her to go with him.  She refuses.
	30:00: Joe delivers a mock paean to a fictional mother, all
the things she did for her children and husband - originally in
	38:40: Arthur Miller tells of trying to kill himself in
Budapest, but failing.  He takes a train to Cracow, hoping to consult
Dr Heinrich Gorscht (sp?), who, he thinks, is the only man who can
help him.  He finds him in a billiards hall.
	44:40: Joe reaches the Rockies.  A state trooper (Florina
Federescu, who has an IMDB page) stops him for a flickering tail
light; he likes the car, complains that Americans move too much (He's
	47:20: Joe arrives in Las Vegas.  He opines that the gambler
is more in touch with ultimate reality than the engineer because the
gambler abandons himself to chance.
	50:00: Joe arrives at the Pacific ocean, drives into it.  He
sees a guy with a car (1957 Chevy Belair) in the water up the shore
(Douglas Johnson?).  He's fallen in love with it, plans to haul it
out, refurbish it, drive it to the East coast.
	52:50: Joe imagines all the people who sneak into the US, that
what they really want is a car, a full tank of gas, the freedom of the
highways, they're our new pilgrims.

	I kept records of the episodes some stations aired.  In his
last 12 years on WNYC they aired 'Pilgrim' 6 times, always near
Thanksgiving.  KPFA aired edited-down versions in 2016 and 2004.  WBEZ
never aired it 2008-2017.  KDVS never aired it 2008-2016.  WMNF, WESA,
WDRT, and KGOU never aired it at all.

russell bell

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