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Thu Dec 10 06:46:46 PST 2020

	Quoth Sean Kelly:

	'Joe discusses his teaching at a private school in Manhattan
in several episodes (including *Cocktails Before Dinner, Pretender,
Higher Learning, Journal*, and *Karma Don't Deny Me*).'
	It's the same story, though he broke it up in 'Pretender' and
added music in the later versions.

	'This was the Dalton School'

	'Joe taught there at the same time as one Jeffrey Epstein.'
	Do you have data?  I thought we determined elsewhere that they
were disjoint.

	'I think it's very likely that the womanizing teacher Joe
discusses in *Cocktails Before Dinner *is Epstein.'
	Except it was the dean and he went after faculty wives; when
he finally did it with a student once they kicked him out.  The story
on Epstein was that he only did it with children.

	'Either that or the Dalton school had multiple sexual
predators employed at that time...'
	The latter: guys got away with this 50-60 years ago, as
regrettable as it was.

	'You can add *Karma Don't Deny Me *to the list of shows the
track Invernin is used in.'
	Already done.  I think it's in many of his shows.

	'Nice! How on earth did you find it? [That Joe used 'Black
Coffee' in some of his shows].
	I asked on reddit.  u/eatmaggot knew.  It takes a sharp ear,
because the nature of the song doesn't match that few seconds of

russell bell

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