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	Grace Zabriskie (born May 17, 1941) tells (ostensibly true)
stories of her childhood, focusing on her father, Roger Thomas "Tom"
Caplinger (Ms Zabriskie was born Grace Caplinger), who ran Café
Lafitte, relocated and renamed Café Lafitte in Exile, in New
Orleans.  ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cafe_Lafitte_in_Exile )

	They lived in the old slave quarters.
	1:30: A family friend, Mr George (she's unsure of the name),
tells the girls (she and her younger sister Lane) bedtime stories.  He
complains about the heat, takes off his clothes, puts his hands down
the girls' shorts.  They tell their parents; their father busts him.
	6:40: She can read when she's 3; her father shows her off to
his friends.
	9:10: Her father is adored by many.
	11:30: The story of Murray, the theatre costumer, and his
business.  She claims his ex-wife was Madame Spivy (she has an IMDB
page https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0819238/?ref_=ttfc_fc_cl_i6 ).  He
was Ms Zabriskie's godfather.
	14:10: Artists, writers, creative people, frequent the café.
The jukebox has French records until the Mafia, which controlled the
jukebox business, makes him take them out.
	15:50: He tells his sister-in-law, Mildred, his brother's
wife, that she needs a gimmick (to shut her up because she's being too
'Texas' in the café), that she make a thing out of wearing purple, so
she does.
	17:40: When he falls in love with an act he takes his friends
to see them night after night; she mentions a stripper Stormy.
	19:00: Dwight Fiske, a pioneer in the recording of risqué
stories (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dwight_Fiske) is in town.
Because Ms Zabriskie's mother is in labor he comes to their home to do
his show until she begins to deliver.
	20:00: Miss Mary, an old lady, is a partner in the business,
drank a lot.  One day she chases Ms Zabriskie with a butcher knife.  After
father's death, she holds séances in the café to try to talk with him.
	23:20: He had grown up in Lexington, Kentucky, went to the
Naval Academy but dropped out in senior year, went to Europe with an
older man for several years.  Then he moved to New York, was an
interior decorator, got involved with a student of Man Ray, was the
model for a series of photos, 'A bum for a day'.
	28:40: He came to New Orleans in the '40s, bought this spot
for $5,000, opened a restaurant but lost money because 'he gave away
the steaks'; by then a lot of famous people (Tennessee Williams, Gore
Vidal, Truman Capote, Dwight Fiske, William March) were coming.
	30:00: After 15 years people successfully contest his title to
the property; he loses it.  He has a coffin brought to the patio, lies
in it, doesn't come out until his wife comes over with a soufflé,
which revives him.  After that he travels to New York in pursuit of
crazy schemes: he's going to buy the Chelsea Hotel, turn it into a
brokerage; he's going to become the Pope.
	34:00: He visits his parents in Kentucky, who have him
subjected to shock treatments, which leave him subdued.  Eventually he
opens Café Lafitte in Exile.  (It's still in business.)  He dies on a
cot in a back room, has an open coffin funeral.  Ms Zabriskie audibly
tears up.
	38:50: He gave his shirts away, and encyclopedias.
	40:30: Ms Zabriskie thinks he was disappointed with her.
	43:20: They move, Ms Zabriskie's mother drinks too much.
	48:30: Ms Zabriskie meets older men who remembered the café,
how they could stay all night long, meet incredible people, that it
was never the same after her father.
	49:40: Ms Zabriskie remembers the French Quarter of the '40s
and '50s, how it was different: permissive, musical, creative.
	54:40: The nuns who run the day care place across the street
tell them he had bought their milk for 10 years.

	'Home (remix)' is 'Just hold me' followed by an edited-down
version of the original 'Home'.

russell bell

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