[joe-frank-list] NEW Joe shows on KCRW- or shows from the archive?

Bill Milosz billmilosz at aol.com
Thu Sep 16 14:46:08 PDT 2010

Joe Frank's archived programs have been broadcast by  many progressive stations around the country for the past several years. Some of these programs have been re-edited and changed around in interesting ways, but there have only been a few  entirely new programs due to constraints imposed by Joe's health concerns, and also, I imagine, by lack of funds for actors, production staff and the like.

This "return of Joe Frank to KCRW" - does this mean that broadcast of Joe Frank programs from the archives will now be heard in Southern California as they have been heard around much of the US for the past five years?  Or does it mean that KCRW will be sponsoring the production of new material?

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