[joe-frank-list] Joe Frank back on KCRW !

D.A. Gutierrez joe-frank-list at krimsen.org
Thu Sep 16 11:55:27 PDT 2010

This is incredible! I used to contribute to KCRW back in the day (even
though I'm in NJ)

After Joe was let go, I would get the pledge forms in the mail and usually
ignore them. But one time I wrote in thick black marker "No Joe Frank? No
Contributions!" Needless to say, I stopped getting pledge forms after that.
I had no idea my protest had such power. (yes, sarcasm implied)

Does anyone know if Ruth Seymour left the station as General Manager? I
thought I had heard somewhere soon after Joe left that the split was due to
some bad blood between Joe & Ruth... maybe it was on this list?

As an unrelated side note, for anyone not already aware, Joe has an account
on Facebook and he posts little snippets from past shows from time to time
as status updates. He also interacts with his fans regularly - even
chastising me one time for mentioning which show the day's snippet was from.
So if you've ever wanted an up close and personal look at Joe, become a fan
of his on Facebook.


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> Thanks for the good news!  Kyle Hislip
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>  I just saw this posted on FB
> *Joe Frank returns to KCRW! Sundays at 11:00 starting Oct 10th! Spread the
> news!!*
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