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Originally the date for the performance was November 14th, 2009.  There was promotion for this event- and I understand it sold out.  Then, Joe got sick and the performance had to be cancelled, rescheduled for March 13th. All the Nov 14th ticketholders' tickets were honored for the March 13th date; the only seats available were those cancellations where the Nov 14th people couldn't attend on March 13th.   I had tickets for Nov 14th -  I heard about it on WBEZ - so I was there last Saturday.

So, essentially, it was sold out months ago pretty much I think.  There are always some cancellations of course.  It was in the Chicago Reader as a "Critics Choice" last week, which is where locals look for stuff to do.  (Along with Time Out- Chicago)

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What the heck?  Did I miss something?

When was he performing there and why wasn't there an announcement?  Just went to joefrank.com and didn't see any announcement there either.


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Just saw Mr. Frank perform at the Steppenwolf Theater in Chicago.  It was a good venue for his performance, and the show was great.  Last time I saw him was in 2004.  That his health problems have taken a toll on him physically is apparent.  Yet, his work remains quite strong and he seemed to be in good form. The performance was good.
Joe was accompanied by a talented jazz guitarist who also used some tracked drum and other accompaniment.  The guitarist sounded to me like the guy whose licks I so enjoyed on Joe piece "PHILIOSOPHY," I wonder if it was the same guy.  Sure sounded like him.

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