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Jeff Wagenheim wagenheim at swersey.com
Mon Sep 10 21:36:51 PDT 2007

Hi all,

I have been airing shows from the Joe Frank archives for about a year on my weekly radio program on WMUA, the community/college station in Amherst, Mass. My show, "Strange Bedfellows," was most recently on Monday nights, with the hour of Joe starting at 10. 

But this week I am moving to Wednesday mornings, 6-8, and changing the name of the show to "Rude Awakening." I'm planning on still airing Joe, even though I associate his work with the nighttime. He'll be on from 6-7, then I'll do an hour of music of all sorts of genres, plus poetry, comedy, storytelling, dharma talks, and, in the last half hour, some old-fashioned political ranting (since my show leads into "Democracy Now").

If you're an early riser from western Mass., tune in to 91.1 FM. If you can get the signal, you can stream it online at wmua.org. I'm going to kick things off on Wednesday by starting the Karma series..

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