[joe-frank-list] Things online reminding me of Joe Frank

B T uhohjf at yahoo.com
Sun Oct 21 00:35:05 PDT 2007

Hey folks,

Doesn't look like much is going on online here. I'm sure many have gone to see
JF live in LA this month... any reports, picts?

Been roaming online and found some stuff that are JF-esque. Unsure if the
artist knows JF, but nonetheless. Thought the Frankophiles would be interested.

Portland, now

MOMMAQATSI by John Bresland (mom's voicemails, pretty nice!)

Big Boy - Part 1 by John Bresland (muse, voice tone, and style like JF-- I
would definitely check out a museum if this was playing in the background.) 

The Seinfeld Analog by John Bresland (just interesting)

Godfrey Reggio - "Evidence" (unrelated to JF, but if you like the Qatski
trilogy, you'll like this one.)

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