[joe-frank-list] Things online reminding me of Joe Frank

roy crisman roymeo.joe at brokenoffcarantenna.com
Thu Nov 1 11:34:02 PDT 2007

That seduction scene is a part of "The Queen of 
Puerto Rico".  My partner got him to sign her 
copy of the book of the same name at the last show in September.


At 01:37 AM 11/1/2007, you wrote:
>Sounds like a great show. At The Dark End of the 
>Bar (the Caribbean vacation) is my favorite of 
>all his works. I've listened to it so many times 
>- so evocative, always gives me a warm, blissful 
>feeling. I'm guessing there's a high degree of 
>autobiographical truth in it. I think I'd be 
>very satisfied to have created one thing in my 
>entire life as beautiful as that. My favorite 
>part is the cosmic opium-induced reflections 
>about life and reality he has on the ship, 
>before Reed does his thing, sneaky old bastard :)
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>Yes, I thought Joe Frank's show in LA was really 
>incredible and I am surprised not more of a "to 
>do" about it on this list.  It may have been 
>better than the show I saw him perform in Costa 
>Mesa several years ago but very different.
>I hope there is a recording of this 
>somewhere.  I am assuming so. It would be a shame not to have one.
>As mentioned Joe had a full backing band that 
>was made up of virtuoso jazz musicians who 
>played repetitive ostinatos just like the radio 
>show.  I was struck that a band with (I think) 6 
>talented players would have such great dynamic 
>interplay with Joe to create such a low key 
>backdrop most of the time and then swell into a 
>brief, louder passage on cue when Joe would stop 
>talking (just like the radio show).  Certainly 
>Lenny the pawn shop owner who soloed 
>uncontrollably at every opportunity would not have fit in to this band.
>The content was classic Joe Frank like what you 
>hear on the radio show.  I haven't heard all of 
>Joe's shows by any means but some of it was 
>classic stories like the one about him getting 
>seduced by the man in the Caribbean while on 
>vacation with his family.  The first story was 
>about an affair the narrator had with a nurse 
>from Mt. Shasta and since there was an internet 
>chat room and viagra mentioned in the story, 
>this seems like it is possibly a new story to me 
>(at least since the KCRW days that I am familiar 
>with). The narrator of this story also talked 
>about his son and daughter and I don't think 
>I've heard Joe talk about that before, but of 
>course I don't really know if it was about Joe himself (or if it ever is, etc.)
>THere were some repeated "chorus" refrains that 
>Joe spoke rhythmically and monotonously (not 
>quite singing them). Sometimes a couple of the 
>backing band members would join in unison. I 
>don't think I can recall anything in the radio 
>shows I've heard where he does this either.  It 
>made me think of "beatniks" for some reason that I can't really explain.
>At the end a really soulful lady joined him and 
>sang a few choruses about a "blue room" which 
>was a great ending.  She had a great voice and 
>improvised really soulfully around the theme.
>Again, I assume that someone got this on tape... 
>I'd love to know where I can hear it again.
>--Mike Hurst--
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>Sun, 21 Oct 2007 16:39:34 -0700> From: 
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>[joe-frank-list] Things online reminding me of 
>Joe Frank> To: joe-frank-list at armory.com>> I'd 
>love to hear more about the contents of the> 
>performance! Has anyone taken any pictures?>> 
>--- karenladeeda at aol.com wrote:>>>>> hi.>>>> I 
>went to two of the shows in la.? It was really>> 
>intimate and strange.? Nice to have a band 
>behind>> joe.?>>>> The content of the show was a 
>trip.? it almost felt>> like a goodbye letter.? 
>Joe seemed so much more>> frail then he did a 
>few years back.? night and day.?>> at the same 
>time, it seemed like he made his current>> 
>health position part of the performance.? never 
>sure>> of where one started and the other 
>ended.>>>> Karen>>>> -----Original 
>Message----->> From: Levent >> To: Joe Frank 
>Mailing List>> >> Sent: Sun, 21 Oct 2007 4:11 
>pm>> Subject: Re: [joe-frank-list] Things 
>online>> reminding me of Joe Frank>>>>>>>> Nice, 
>this will be good, especially considering>> 
>joefrank.com doesn't appear to be coming back>> 
>anytime>> soon.>> How much patience are we 
>supposed to have this time?>>>>>> --- B 
>T  wrote:>>>>>>>> Hey folks,>>>>>> Doesn't look 
>like much is going on online here.>> I'm>>> sure 
>many have gone to see>>> JF live in LA this 
>month... any reports, picts?>>>>>> Been roaming 
>online and found some stuff that are>>> 
>JF-esque. Unsure if the>>> artist knows JF, but 
>nonetheless. Thought the>>> Frankophiles would 
>be interested.>>>>>> Enjoy!>>> Bob>>> Portland, 
>now>>>>>> MOMMAQATSI by John Bresland (mom's 
>voicemails,>>> pretty nice!)>>> 
>http://youtube.com/watch?v=bQGYkqDa-cI>>>>>> Big 
>Boy - Part 1 by John Bresland (muse, voice>> 
>tone,>>> and style like JF-- I>>> would 
>definitely check out a museum if this was>>> 
>playing in the background.)>>> 
>http://youtube.com/watch?v=bQGYkqDa-cI>>>>>> The 
>Seinfeld Analog by John Bresland (just>>> 
>Godfrey Reggio - "Evidence" (unrelated to JF, 
>but>> if>>> you like the Qatski>>> trilogy, 
>you'll like this one.)>>> 
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