[joe-frank-list] Things online reminding me of Joe Frank

Robert salo99 at verizon.net
Thu Nov 1 01:37:49 PDT 2007

Sounds like a great show. At The Dark End of the Bar (the Caribbean 
vacation) is my favorite of all his works. I've listened to it so many 
times - so evocative, always gives me a warm, blissful feeling. I'm guessing 
there's a high degree of autobiographical truth in it. I think I'd be very 
satisfied to have created one thing in my entire life as beautiful as that. 
My favorite part is the cosmic opium-induced reflections about life and 
reality he has on the ship, before Reed does his thing, sneaky old bastard 

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Yes, I thought Joe Frank's show in LA was really incredible and I am 
surprised not more of a "to do" about it on this list.  It may have been 
better than the show I saw him perform in Costa Mesa several years ago but 
very different.

I hope there is a recording of this somewhere.  I am assuming so. It would 
be a shame not to have one.

As mentioned Joe had a full backing band that was made up of virtuoso jazz 
musicians who played repetitive ostinatos just like the radio show.  I was 
struck that a band with (I think) 6 talented players would have such great 
dynamic interplay with Joe to create such a low key backdrop most of the 
time and then swell into a brief, louder passage on cue when Joe would stop 
talking (just like the radio show).  Certainly Lenny the pawn shop owner who 
soloed uncontrollably at every opportunity would not have fit in to this 

The content was classic Joe Frank like what you hear on the radio show.  I 
haven't heard all of Joe's shows by any means but some of it was classic 
stories like the one about him getting seduced by the man in the Caribbean 
while on vacation with his family.  The first story was about an affair the 
narrator had with a nurse from Mt. Shasta and since there was an internet 
chat room and viagra mentioned in the story, this seems like it is possibly 
a new story to me (at least since the KCRW days that I am familiar with). 
The narrator of this story also talked about his son and daughter and I 
don't think I've heard Joe talk about that before, but of course I don't 
really know if it was about Joe himself (or if it ever is, etc.)

THere were some repeated "chorus" refrains that Joe spoke rhythmically and 
monotonously (not quite singing them). Sometimes a couple of the backing 
band members would join in unison. I don't think I can recall anything in 
the radio shows I've heard where he does this either.  It made me think of 
"beatniks" for some reason that I can't really explain.

At the end a really soulful lady joined him and sang a few choruses about a 
"blue room" which was a great ending.  She had a great voice and improvised 
really soulfully around the theme.

Again, I assume that someone got this on tape... I'd love to know where I 
can hear it again.

--Mike Hurst--

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16:39:34 -0700> From: ghastly_fop at yahoo.com> Subject: Re: [joe-frank-list] 
Things online reminding me of Joe Frank> To: joe-frank-list at armory.com>> I'd 
love to hear more about the contents of the> performance! Has anyone taken 
any pictures?>> --- karenladeeda at aol.com wrote:>>>>> hi.>>>> I went to two 
of the shows in la.? It was really>> intimate and strange.? Nice to have a 
band behind>> joe.?>>>> The content of the show was a trip.? it almost 
felt>> like a goodbye letter.? Joe seemed so much more>> frail then he did a 
few years back.? night and day.?>> at the same time, it seemed like he made 
his current>> health position part of the performance.? never sure>> of 
where one started and the other ended.>>>> Karen>>>> -----Original 
Message----->> From: Levent >> To: Joe Frank Mailing List>> >> Sent: Sun, 21 
Oct 2007 4:11 pm>> Subject: Re: [joe-frank-list] Things online>> reminding 
me of Joe Frank>>>>>>>> Nice, this will be good, especially considering>> 
joefrank.com doesn't appear to be coming back>> anytime>> soon.>> How much 
patience are we supposed to have this time?>>>>>> --- B T  wrote:>>>>>>>> 
Hey folks,>>>>>> Doesn't look like much is going on online here.>> I'm>>> 
sure many have gone to see>>> JF live in LA this month... any reports, 
picts?>>>>>> Been roaming online and found some stuff that are>>> JF-esque. 
Unsure if the>>> artist knows JF, but nonetheless. Thought the>>> 
Frankophiles would be interested.>>>>>> Enjoy!>>> Bob>>> Portland, now>>>>>> 
MOMMAQATSI by John Bresland (mom's voicemails,>>> pretty nice!)>>> 
http://youtube.com/watch?v=bQGYkqDa-cI>>>>>> Big Boy - Part 1 by John 
Bresland (muse, voice>> tone,>>> and style like JF-- I>>> would definitely 
check out a museum if this was>>> playing in the background.)>>> 
http://youtube.com/watch?v=bQGYkqDa-cI>>>>>> The Seinfeld Analog by John 
Bresland (just>>> interesting)>>>>>> 
http://english.uiowa.edu/nonfiction/media/seinfeld.htm>>>>>> Godfrey 
Reggio - "Evidence" (unrelated to JF, but>> if>>> you like the Qatski>>> 
trilogy, you'll like this one.)>>> 
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