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Tue Nov 28 21:30:07 PST 2006

Welcome, Doug.

I'd also be happy to see original air dates added to the wiki; however, if such a list exists, it has never been made public.  

The WFMU FAQ has programs listed by year and possibly ordered chronologically, although they don't explicitly mention to what the years refer.  They may be production dates, KCRW air dates, or the year a tape arrived on someone's desk at WFMU. (One might expect the three to be similar, at least for most programs.)

Given Joe's habit of re-working older material and occasionally releasing different programs with the same name, trying to listen to the whole canon in order is by no means a trivial task.  If you make any progress on finding air dates, I'd love to hear about it.

The question of ordering the Karma series came up a while ago.  What follows is a repost of my best guess at the proper order for those particular programs.



The WFMU FAQ has a list which may be in original broadcast order.  Main page is at http://wfmu.org/JF/ and the relevant part is at http://wfmu.org/JF/joe_show.html#2001_1

There's also the defunct KCRW page, which seems to have been maintained in reverse chronological order except where programs are removed.  A snapshot with most of Karma is at: http://web.archive.org/web/20001206141400/http://www.kcrw.org/cgi-bin/db/kcrw.pl?tmplt_type=program&show_code=jf

According to both sources the order is:

karma part 1-7
bad karma 
Karma 4 dollars
karma don't deny me
Karma Redux
Small World Karma
Waiting for Karma
Karma Memories
Karma Crash

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