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Harold Johnson harold.johnson at gmail.com
Wed Jun 28 13:13:15 PDT 2006

Are we back to this nonsense?  Just ignore Larry Dunn, or meet his demands.
'Nuff said.  Heard Joe's podcast yet?


On 6/27/06, ROGER HILL <rogerantibodies at hotmail.com> wrote:
> I have to agree with some of the others who can do without Larry Dunn's
> attitude toward others on this list.  I am sure that there are far more
> important things in this world than failing to trim a message and I for
> one
> don't care for self appointed "internet police" to be so unkind to others.
> In fact, I am much more interested in Joe Frank's health and his ability &
> motivation to create new shows.  I thought that discussion about Joe Frank
> and his work was the purpose of this list in the first place.  Larry, if
> you
> have something to offer about Joe or his work, I am interested in reading
> it.  If you have other opinions or negative attitudes toward others,
> please
> take it somewhere else.
> Roger
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