[joe-frank-list] Re: joe-frank-list

Justin Kempton justin at kempton.com
Mon Jun 26 17:35:22 PDT 2006

What prunes invigorates.

I bet he would say something like that.

Larry Dunn wrote:
>> In the interest of maintaining the list's integrity,
>> does anyone else think we could perhaps establish
>> some guidelines so that rational, productive discussions
>> and dialogues aren't derailed in this way?  
> Wow, amazing how much that sounded like your own
> caricature of Jack Kornfield.  What would Alan Watts
> say?  :D
> I'll tell you what.  Establish the requirements of
> basic netiquette and complaints like mine, about
> people posting the ENTIRE DIGEST in a response, would
> vanish.  
> I've been asking people to trim their messages for
> quite some time, to no avail, so good luck with your
> crusade -- which sounds a lot like stifling all
> disagreement with what you write, which you
> characterize (adorably) as "derailing the dialogue."

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