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Damon Akins dbakins at cox.net
Tue Jun 20 17:16:52 PDT 2006

On Alan Watts, back in the late 90s, KPFK used to broadcast him  
regularly in the wee hours of the morning. Often, I would find myself  
in a very Joe-moment: stumbling back to my car with a heady buzz  
after last call, and driving up Silverlake Blvd to the freeway  
listening to the program. In that context, very enlightening. But I  
imagine, as others have suggested, that with a more neutral approach,  
his teachings might fall a bit flat. He has a sonorous voice which is  
particularly so at 2:00a.

On the Joe / Kornfield relationship, I have to agree with others that  
what is going on there is much more complex than endorsement /  
ridicule. If it were the latter, it might have been on the shows once  
or twice. I think it is something like the cracker between wine  
tasting rounds, not to call Kornfield a cracker... no racial slur  

Haven't seen The Cruise. Thrilled abt the podcasts.

On Jun 20, 2006, at 6:28 PM, Tom McDonald wrote:

> That's my experience too Robert. Except for the part
> about vicodin, which I've never taken, so I'll just
> take yr word for it.
> Watts is fascinating to read about, a brilliant and
> colorful character to be sure, but his writing and the
> one or two podcasts I listened to didn't do it for me.
> Is it the kind of thing that appeals to you when yr in
> your early 20s but not so much afterwards? (OK. I did
> read a book of his during my early 20s, and had a kind
> of panic attack. Something about fear of never
> escaping ego or something like that. A true panic
> attack. Never happened before, never happened again. I
> guess that's a sign of powerful writing (or a
> vulnerable young man) but in any case going back to
> him some 20 years later it was a bit of a let down.
> Usually when I go back to things I watched or read 20
> years ago I find more there, not less.)
> Oh, speaking of brilliant and colorful characters,
> have any of you folks seen The Cruise (the documentary
> about a bloke who leads tourist bus cruises in New
> York City)? What did you think?
> --- KneeCha at aol.com wrote:
>> If you search Alan Watts via iTunes, you can find
>> free podcasts.
>> It's difficult to like Alan Watts after hearing
>> Kornfield. Watts is smart
>> and might make you think, but sometimes, I don't
>> know, I feel like slapping him.
>> Listening to Kornfield can be like taking Vicoden.
>> Robert Wright
>> San Jose
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