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Tom McDonald awkwardgrace at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 20 16:28:01 PDT 2006

That's my experience too Robert. Except for the part
about vicodin, which I've never taken, so I'll just
take yr word for it.

Watts is fascinating to read about, a brilliant and
colorful character to be sure, but his writing and the
one or two podcasts I listened to didn't do it for me.
Is it the kind of thing that appeals to you when yr in
your early 20s but not so much afterwards? (OK. I did
read a book of his during my early 20s, and had a kind
of panic attack. Something about fear of never
escaping ego or something like that. A true panic
attack. Never happened before, never happened again. I
guess that's a sign of powerful writing (or a
vulnerable young man) but in any case going back to
him some 20 years later it was a bit of a let down.
Usually when I go back to things I watched or read 20
years ago I find more there, not less.)

Oh, speaking of brilliant and colorful characters,
have any of you folks seen The Cruise (the documentary
about a bloke who leads tourist bus cruises in New
York City)? What did you think? 

--- KneeCha at aol.com wrote:

> If you search Alan Watts via iTunes, you can find
> free podcasts.
> It's difficult to like Alan Watts after hearing
> Kornfield. Watts is smart  
> and might make you think, but sometimes, I don't
> know, I feel like slapping him. 
> Listening to Kornfield can be like taking Vicoden.
> Robert Wright
> San Jose
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