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I think like many Westerners, Joe has found no solid answers in science, monotheistic religion or academic political philosophy, and is just fascinated by Buddhist  concepts; he  finds the Konfield lectures an approachable entrance to this view of reality. I don't know if Joe consciously does things like use Kornfield to show Debi or Larry in a bad light.  He presents all these things and they speak for themselves, and then the listeners bring their own exsting baggage through which the programs are filtered.... 
My personal reaction to Kornfield, he reminds me of a seminar-circuit guru, the type they now use as mainstays on PBS telethons in the major TV markets.  If he weren't pitching mindfulness-in-the-moment he could have a soild career explaining balanced investment strategies and debt reduction techniques to paying students at the airport Holiday Inn. What seems a variation on the short con to someone from Chicago is apparently a legitimate professional occupation in Los Angeles....  that's my partly my "take" - the vibe I get from Kornfield.  It's my perception, but then I'm a curmudgeon.  He's probably totally sincere and innocent in feeling he has been "called" to do what he does, but to my way of thinking if you are truly enlightened you just sit in the audience with your beatific smile rather than mounting the stage, because the ineffable can't be taught-  

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I would absolutely love to hear what everyone's take on Jack Kornfield is, and what they think Joe's take on him is. 
I initially regarded them ironically, and assumed Joe was using them as counterpoint to Debi (who seems after a sense of spiritual fulfillment) and also sometimes Larry (who seems to misunderstand Jack completely). But, now I've actually gotten really into them. I feel like Joe is using them to condemn Debi and Larry's world view. But, then, does Joe subscribe to Jack's philosophies? 
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