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Levent ghastly_fop at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 13 21:43:41 PDT 2006

Well, it's admirable, I guess, that you continue to
support Joe by continuing to subscribe to his very
poorly maintained web site (and while I imagine it's
been very tough on whoever's responsible for the site,
it's still a business, and we're still customers, as
well as patrons, of Joe's art).  
There are many other artists I do support...
writers... muscicians... filmmakers...and as a result
I'm an avid consumer of music, books, and dvds.  To
that extent, how does one really consume and support
an artist's work?  Do you shell out the $15 for a cd
for the license to listen to it?  Would you pay a
monthly fee for temporary access to this musician's
entire catalog?  Do you buy a book, read it, and leave
it on the shelf for possible future consultation?  Or
would you pay a monthly fee to be able to access that
writer's body of work, but only on a computer screen? 
Either way, you've made a one-time payment for the
right to access this work, and to have it at arm's
length.  Supporting someone's work on a subscription
basis is a dicier idea.  And although it pains me to
say it, the site presents Joe's work in a horrible
format (windows media??).  It's like paying for a book
but getting a smudgy photocopy.  
The money I spent on my subscription to Joe's site
could have paid for quite a few cds of his shows, and
I wouldn't have had to sit at my fucking computer to
listen to them.
I'll take new Joe shows any way I can, and the most
recent shows are among the very, very best, and had
they been offered for sale on cd, I'd gladly have
shelled out for them.  But they weren't.  And the
promise of new content--the reason I became a
subscriber--ended well over a year ago.
I absolutely love Joe's work, and have benefitted from
it in countless ways, and it really pained me to
discontinue my subscription, especially after finally
discovering the extent of his illness, but I couldn't
rationalize it.  If things improve, I'll gladly

--- Larry Dunn <majestic_cheese at yahoo.com> wrote:

> > From: "Harold Johnson" <harold.johnson at gmail.com>
> > I'm with you there, Larry.  It's *extremely*
> > difficult to find artists of
> > Joe's caliber out there.  (Haven't found any yet!)
> > I'd rather subscribe and
> > always have access to Joe's recordings, new or
> not,
> > and be supporting the
> > artist in the process.
> Amen to that, and we should remember that the site
> has
> not been updated with new material because Joe was
> critically ill and is still recovering (at least, I
> hope he's recovering).  To abandon him at such a
> time
> is not something I'm prepared to do.
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