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I agree it's best to be patient- I know Joe's in poor health- but if the web site was intended as a way to create income, the key fact to note is that members are leaving.  You yourself have left, and you are one of the folks who has an understanding of and compassion for Joe's health issues.  So what I am saying is,  if even loyal supporters are leaving the web site membership roll, if the site provides useful income then maybe the site needs more that will hold members.  If there's a problem with a labor shortage to put that content on the site, I know there are people qualified to create or edit simple web content who have volunteered -but maybe even coordinating the volunteers is more work than Joe's staff can handle, I don't know the internal situation there. 

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There were a couple of updates in May, re: things to come, ...but I know how you all feel. I cancelled my membership awhile back due to lack of regular updates and sparse (if that) releasing of new content. However, I think it's important to remember that Joe has been very ill, and despite that fact, is working on a new series. So as much as we would all appreciate being kept up to date, let's appreciate the situation. 
I'm sure Joe and his web-slinging crew are all very serious about providing the best possible experience of JF's work. 
All in all, I think the promise of a "coming soon" forum and twice monthly *free* podcasts is a very good sign. Let's just hope it comes to fruition. 
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