[joe-frank-list] More Hope

bewareofdog at mac.com bewareofdog at mac.com
Tue Jun 6 16:47:24 PDT 2006

There were a couple of updates in May, re: things to come, ...but I  
know how you all feel.  I cancelled my membership awhile back due to  
lack of regular updates and sparse (if that) releasing of new  
content.   However,  I think it's important to remember that Joe has  
been very ill, and despite that fact, is working on a new series.  So  
as much as we would all appreciate being kept up to date, let's  
appreciate the situation.

I'm sure Joe and his web-slinging crew are all very serious about  
providing the best possible experience of JF's work.

All in all, I think the promise of a "coming soon" forum and twice  
monthly *free* podcasts is a very good sign.   Let's just hope it  
comes to fruition.

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