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Listening to a few new favorites I recently rediscovered 

Bob Lee 

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>> From: B T <uhohjf at yahoo.com>
>> (where are you all Frankophiles?)
> Pretty much the same place as you -- sitting around
> not posting.
>> Though I've enjoy(ed) Joe on the radio with his
>> voice and ambient music in the
>> background all these years, these films have really
>> opened the possibilities of
>> putting Joe's stories/thoughts on film.
> Oh, I think they close down many of the possibilities.
> The story heard is the story interpreted in a million
> different ways, differently in each imagination --
> differently each time heard, even twice by the same
> person.  The story seen and heard becomes something
> less open to interpretation.
>> In one extreme, you have a film such as "After
>> Hours" which has a scene or two
>> directly from Joe's work.  But while watching it,
>> you don't get that Joe Frank
>> feel--that dark milieu--mostly his raspy voice, 
> Do you really think Joe has a "raspy voice?"  Maybe
> you're thinking of Larry Block.  :D
> I'd argue that Joe's voice is about as far from raspy
> as you can get.
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