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i signed up about a month ago and this is the first post since then...there is mention on the jf sight that he relocated...i wonder if he is still in southern cal, does anyone know?

> (where are you all Frankophiles?)

that was my thought....
> I just recently re-signed up to joefrank.com and listened/watched that rare
> film, "Memories" by Joe Frank. 
> Though I've enjoy(ed) Joe on the radio with his voice and ambient music in the
> background all these years, these films have really opened the possibilities of
> putting Joe's stories/thoughts on film.
it would be really great if a filmmaker really could catch the "essence" of jf's style. there's a film by chel white called 'dirt' that's kind of cute and goes off in one possible sort of direction. really so much could be done if jf-style storytelling could really be caught on film. style is really the wrong word, i think. your ideas are great. surely there are fans in the film world. i wish someone would find it worth a shot.

i just came across this website on an unforgettable short film i saw several years ago at the L.A. 'Dances With Films' festival. it's nothing to do with jf, but it was very moving. it's available on dvd and i just ordered it.......i am technically challenged and don't own a dvd player (or a tv), but i still had to own it....maybe jf fans would enjoy it.


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