[joe-frank-list] G-d knows I'm going to regret this but...

tewoodruff tewoodruff at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 8 21:20:58 PDT 2005

is there no xml feed??

i use ipodder to grab my podcasts.

i heard when itunes added podcast-subscribing
function, but i didn't realize there are
itunes-specific podcasts.

if necessary i'll upgrade my itunes.


--- bewareofdog at mac.com wrote:

> If any of you are interested in checkin out some
> early efforts at my  
> *Joe Frank* style... and you're using iTunes 4.9 or
> higher....
> Click Podcasts in the iTunes Music Store and then in
> the left hand  
> column click Podcasts.   Again in the left hand
> column, search for  
> "Hunting Rabbit"   then subscribe.  It's free and if
> you enjoy JF,  
> it's nowhere near the level you have all come to
> know and love, but  
> any attempt at imitation is a form of flattery,
> right?
> Feel free to bury me alive.
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