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Erik Shirokoff shiro at uclink4.berkeley.edu
Fri May 13 11:36:21 PDT 2005

KPFA seems to have confused Loverman and Clement at Christmas on their CDs.  Perhaps there's a common cause?

I've certainly never heard of Remember When or Dirge.  I'd love a couple sentences describing their content from someone in the signal area.  We may be able to figure out whether they've been renamed or are previously unknown shows.

- Erik

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> I've noticed that WFMU likes to rename Joe's shows for some reason. I 
> have no idea why.
> When I pledged to WFMU during last year's marathon, I received two CDs 
> that were labelled "Loverman" and something else I don't remember at the 
> moment. When I popped the CDs in, they were not the shows I expected. In 
> writing to their support department, they told me that the CD were 
> properly labelled according to the name they were given when they were 
> originally aired on WMFU. Go figure...
> Dave
> auntiehistamine wrote:
> >Earlier tonight I listened to the weekly WFMU broadcast of Joe's past
> >shows. They aired "Remember When". Next week's show is listed as being
> >"Dirge".
> >
> >I've looked these two shows up on several Joe resources on the web, and
> >I can't find any information about them. Does anyone know what year
> >they were done and what series they were part of?
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