[joe-frank-list] WFMU Joe Shows

David Gutierrez joefranklist at amalon.com
Thu May 12 21:49:44 PDT 2005

I've noticed that WFMU likes to rename Joe's shows for some reason. I 
have no idea why.

When I pledged to WFMU during last year's marathon, I received two CDs 
that were labelled "Loverman" and something else I don't remember at the 
moment. When I popped the CDs in, they were not the shows I expected. In 
writing to their support department, they told me that the CD were 
properly labelled according to the name they were given when they were 
originally aired on WMFU. Go figure...


auntiehistamine wrote:

>Earlier tonight I listened to the weekly WFMU broadcast of Joe's past
>shows. They aired "Remember When". Next week's show is listed as being
>I've looked these two shows up on several Joe resources on the web, and
>I can't find any information about them. Does anyone know what year
>they were done and what series they were part of?
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