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auntiehistamine auntiehistamine at yahoo.com
Mon May 2 15:13:02 PDT 2005

I've recently rejoined this mailing list after an absence of maybe 5
years or more. I'd like to say that so far I have enjoyed the banter

When I first heard the Jack Kornfield material in Joe's shows, my
initial reaction was that it was hokey. I wondered why Joe was
including it. The only answer I was able to come up with was that Joe
must be somehow poking fun at the ideas.

The more I listened and thought about it however, the more I became
convinced that this was not the case. When Joe pokes fun at something,
he makes his point and moves on. Joe kept including Jack's material
however, so I thought that he must be doing it for other reasons. It
seems to me that Joe would not continue to use Jack's lectures, unless
Joe found something in them that he was interested in himself.

As I began to pay more attention to what Jack was saying, I found that
I began to enjoy his illustrative stories more and more. If Jack was
simply putting forth his ideas, they would not have nearly the punch
that they do when he couches them in the story format. His stories make
his ideas easy to identify with and remember.

The storytelling quality is the primary reason I feel Jack's lectures
"work" in Joe's shows. Both of them tell stories that make us think.
When the materials are juxtaposed the way that Joe presents them, I
think they compliment and add to one another.

And yes, I have referred to Joe and Jack by their first names. I can't
presume to imagine that I know them personally, but when a person tells
good stories, especially about himself, you DO feel that you know them
on some level. That's what being a fan is about.

Pat Nighswander

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