[joe-frank-list] Re: Kate?

Larry Dunn majestic_cheese at yahoo.com
Sun May 1 12:34:53 PDT 2005

Thanks to all who responded to my initial inquiry with
thoughtful and articulate responses and helpful
repostings of former discussions.  I had feared that
this list wasn't going to be a prime discussion venue,
what with the total silence concerning my question,
the sometimes-inane response to the news of Joe's
recent illness and the tendency people had (sadly,
still have) not to make even a token effort to trim
their responses.  It's good to see that actual
substantive discussion happens too.  

Catherine Zeta-Jones did pop into mind at first, but I
don't think the timing and her age are right, and if
it were actually her, it'd be too ... obvious.  I
assume that Joe would want to change around the
details just enough to avoid general bad joo-joo if
not potwntial litigation.  Even the recent show about
a certain radio station head honcho had a few details
twisted a bit, though in that case it was patently
obvious what was being discussed.

Anyway, I mean COME ON.  Catherine Zeta-Jones?  If it
were her, any guy would shrug off such minor details
as Borderline Personality Disorder.

Then again, that's probably a naive position to take;
as Chris Rock says, no matter how beautiful a woman
is, no matter how sensual and seemingly unattainable,
no matter how universally craved -- somewhere out
there is a guy who is sick to death of fucking her.  

Anyway, I doubt that Joe would change around the facts
to the extent that he portrayed a short fat Vietnamese
woman as a tall gorgeous Welsh woman.  

My suspicion is that Mr. Frank has done his work well,
and we will never figure out who it is, short of one
of his friends blabbing.  I wonder if a bottle of
single malt might convince Larry Block to do so?  And
if so, could we trust his response?  Highly suspect! 
He would play with us as Lector would have played with
Clarice had she been sent in to interview him with an

Or maybe Debi Mae West can be bought -- and what
currency might appeal to her?  Spiritual fulfillment? 
Kissing her feet?  Spiritual fulfillment while kissing
her feet?  (She's great; I volunteer.)

Odds are it will remain a mystery forever, like the
Black Dahlia case.  

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