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Tue Mar 29 20:15:34 PST 2005

Now that's interesting.  One thing I have to say, I found it PAINFUL 
listening to Walker talk.  The rhythm was so forced.... the inflection so stagey.... 
excruciating, that man's voice on the radio.  Actually, though, I kind of liked 
the stories he was presenting in the one segment I heard.

But all that aside- some very interesting short VIDEOS on JoeFrank.com's 
premium content this month.  Even the Zima commercial is amusing.

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babylulu at cybercom.net writes:

> Finally I have to chime in, 
> Bill, you wrote,..
> "Nice to be wrong when it means that people are better than I thought.... 
> maybe I need to have my medication adjusted  ;-)" 
> Bill, no need to adjust your meds. In the case of  Walker there is no need 
> to retract; if he tips his hat to Joe Frank it's only because he has to, the 
> comparison is inescapable. Ben uses the same manner of speaking, the same 
> phrasing and so on. He's been called on it many times. Walker is a horrible 
> poser, a user, a parasite and general all around ass. 
> I did a show at WZBC where he does his show. I knew him- Yuck. 
> Joe is the genuine article. 
> The end. 

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