[joe-frank-list] Re: JF VO in Movie Trailer

Larry Dunn majestic_cheese at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 20 17:27:36 PDT 2005

> From: Will Irace <spblat at gmail.com>

> Holy Crap!
> I'd say Joe makes a pretty awesome "in-a-world guy",
> no? It's probably
> fair to assume he did this work recently.

Thanks for sharing that.  That certainly sounds like
Joe.  I've heard him on voice-overs on some animal
rescue program as well.  It's odd to see a moose stuck
in a sinkhole and to hear Joe talking with great
animation about it.  At any moment I expect Farrington
to show up.
> And the movie itself looks pretty outrageous.

Looks like a garden variety Gen-Y effects-driven
supernatural horror flick to me, complete with the
"disturbing baby doll" that is a staple of such fare.

I wonder if Joe would do the voice-over for my movie,
about a man who digitizes himself and travels across
the internet to destroy people who are too stupid or
lazy to trim their messages.  Imagine the cheers in
the audience as each offender dissolves screaming
while devoured by the righteous digits.  It'll be like
"Deathwish" meets "The Matrix," or at least that's how
my people are presenting the treatment.

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